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Newest Research
The tough part about scientific research is that it is often extremely confusing. For most of us, the process of trying to decipher scientific studies and data can quickly become frustrating and time consuming. In addition, science is a practice that is constantly changing and it can appear that something that was healthy yesterday is not today. On the other hand, science is extremely important to what we do, and the products we offer.

We believe in supporting our products with good science, but we also believe each customer should be presented with the opportunity to form their own opinions.

Below, please find a small sampling of the research that is currently available for coconut and red palm oil. In addition, you will find several links to third party resources. You may notice some of these links promote some of our competitors and we would like you to know we are ok with that. We believe in our products and know there are other companies who are working hard to deliver great products as well. Ultimately, our long term goal and hope would be that people enjoy the benefits of healthy fats.


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