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Personal Testimonies
One of the most powerful resources available to all of us is the individual experience. Our hope is that as you try our products you will share your stories with us, and the other people that wonder about tropical oils. We have heard from people all around the globe using coconut and red palm oil, and their personal experiences continue to encourage us. As we grow, we will share these stories and ideas that help others realize the negative images of coconut and palm oils are actually just a myth. If you would like to share your experience with us, please contact us. Below please find several examples from customers who have shared their stories.

Long story short...we love it! You have two lifelong customers who will be promoting your products to everyone we know. Truthfully we're not chefs by any means so we don’t have any great recipes to share that we used the palm oil with, but we've basically replaced our olive oil for the palm. Great for stir-frying & sautéing tofu (I'm a veg'), and I can't wait to try the plantain recipe you suggested.

We also have a passion for Africa and intend on going over there for missions/aid of some sort in the near future, and have been looking for an organization for our company to donate to. We're interested in organizations like Global Alliance whose goal is to make lasting economical, environmental & social changes so villages can sustain themselves...

I'll end here by just saying Thank You! You have no idea how much respect we have for you and your company and how you, already, have acted as a model for our own company and decision making.

Be blessed!
Rachael & Josh
Chicago, IL

I've never cooked using coconut oil! I grew up with my Grandmother buying the fresh coconut to get "the milk" & "fresh meat"! Every time I go to Mexico I take advantage of buying that already cleaned coconut to eat! :-)

I tried your coconut oil by the spoonful this morn instead of spreading it on cranberry walnut toast like yesterday. I does taste mighty good! :-)

Thanx AGAIN!
Ft. Collins CO

I have found you at Whole Foods/Bellevue WA and love the product. I use the coconut oil for skin and internally for health and now use the red internally. Looking forward to seeing you guys grow. In my 50's health took a dive and it's coming back. Your coconut oil has been a big part of that.Thanks for all you are doing.

Mercer Island WA.

PS - By the way these are marvelous moisturizers outdoing anything the cosmetic market has to offer. Thanks